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Constable Comedy:
The Crime Solving Comedian

Status: Game Jam

Constable, a dangerous criminal is attending a show at a local comedy club. You must uncover who it is amongst the crowd by telling jokes related to contents of the crime's report. All the evidence is in that dossier. However, you can't bring it on stage with you. Remember the facts!

This game was made for the Global Game Jam 2024. The theme was 'Make Me Laugh'

I was responsible for designing how the player  would interreact with the world. Once the base of the game was programmed in I went and added coded in some tweens and transitions to make it feel smoother.

The team responsible:

Ciaran Ciaz: - Music - Design


Joshua Watson - Programming - Design


Kevin Coppock: - Design - Programming


Reid Armansin: - Art - Design


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